VERSA Locations

VERSA Locations portfolio offers extensive production options including historic buildings, canal-side settings, themed venues, industrial and modern spaces all within secure filming environments.

Midcentury Modern Workspace

Contemporary Apartment with Balcony & Skyline Views

Content Creation Studios

Hospitality Environment with Pizza Oven & Mezzanine Seating

Office Building with Spiral Staircase

Former Victorian Market Hall, Cobbled Streets

Listed Victorian Fire Station

Vaulted Brick Ceiling

Railway Line & Steampunk Mural

Derelict Riverside Dockyard

Public Realm & Leisure Spaces

Event & Shoot Studios

Event Space with Exposed Brick & Beams

Restored Victorian Market with Glass Roof

Vintage Style Gym

Stylised Workspace

Urban Waterside Container Bar

Metropolitan Café & Bar Space


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