Dress to Impress – ITVX

Produced by Lifted Entertainment for ITV, ‘Dress to Impress’ stands out as a unique dating show tailor-made for the fashion-forward individual. Recognising the need for a location seamlessly blending urban chic with practicality, the production team found their perfect match in VERSA Manchester’s Breeze Studio. Nestled close to a major shopping hub and the vibrant city centre, Breeze Studio provided the ideal backdrop for the show’s stylish and cosmopolitan aesthetic.

As cameras rolled, the studio’s versatile spaces came alive, with interviews expertly captured against the backdrop of Breeze Studio’s sleek and modern interior. Ancillary spaces doubled as convenient dressing rooms and production offices, ensuring a seamless and efficient filming process. With its perfect blend of style, functionality, and location, VERSA Manchester’s Breeze Studio played a pivotal role in bringing the allure of ‘Dress to Impress’ to life on screen.

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