Typist Artist Private King

VERSA Leeds Studios played a pivotal role in the production of ‘Typist Artist Private King’, a compelling film produced by Camp Films and directed by the talented Carol Morley. Starring acclaimed actors Kelly Macdonald and Monica Dolan, the film delves into the fascinating life of Sunderland-born artist Audrey Amiss. Inspired by her extensive archive of diaries, letters, and art, the film weaves real events into an imagined journey as Audrey embarks on a road trip with her psychiatric nurse.

As a key supporter of the production, VERSA Leeds Studios provided essential resources and infrastructure to bring this captivating story to life. With its commitment to excellence and dedication to supporting innovative filmmaking, VERSA Leeds Studios stood proud to have played a role in showcasing the talents of the cast and crew behind ‘Typist Artist Private King’.

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