Versa Studios is a national network of broadcast, TV and film studios, providing the facilities and services needed to create world-class content.

Versa studios is a broadcast, TV and film studio company focused on creating world-class facilities for content creation.

Versa has quickly established itself as one of the largest independent studio operators in the UK with complexes in London, Manchester and Leeds.

Peaky Blinders, Caryn Mandabach Productions, Screen Yorkshire and Tiger Aspect Productions.

Safe, produced by Red Production Company & Netflix.

Versa Studios provides the UK with over 300,000 sq ft of world-class production facilities and continues to grow. We have over 20 studios in the UK built and operated to accommodate all levels of production with long term sustainable facilities.

With a unique blend of real estate and studio expertise, Versa’s visionary team strive to create media clusters around the studios, maximising the opportunity for the media industry to create, innovate and grow.

Versa aims to capitalise on the growth of the media industry’s demand for content through its combined real estate and studio experience.

Versa Studios
7-8 Savile Row